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i know it seems as if this blog is dead. but in fact it is just in somewhat of a cocoon or hibernative* state. I am 38 days away from tying the knot with Moon. There is still a large amount of work to be done, but all in all, I am excited none the less.

My knees hurt.
My back aches.
The snow is melting.

Bring on some beautiful weather dear February. Oh how I miss you so.

Love you all,


my dream dog


falling cat!

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i’m officially on ep 215 of a Japanese anime called One Piece. There is a female character by the name of Nico Robin, and she reminds me of my wife to be.

in other news, we are joining a small group that is for married and engaged couples. so excited. we are slowly growing towards the people we want to be.

i love you all.

i’m retiring

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whoa, we have NOT updated in awhile… and because i’m

jobblobless! so, this:

so surprised

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let me tell you a story about 2 years ago,
where Moon had put a cardboard cut-out of a heart against her window for me to see.
I drive by it day after day, and am reminded of how much I care for her and how much she cares for me.
Not a day goes by that I don’t look up at that window and smile.

But today something special happened.

Because of my job, i pass her house roughly between 6:12am – 6:18am on the days that I work.
So she is sleeping and her lights are always off.
But today was different.
I turned the corner going about 50ish and up in the corner of my eye i see that her light is on, and standing in the window holding that cardboard heart was the girl that had captured mine.

when you can’t take the heat

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Jobs. I began babysitting when I was about 12. Then babies turned into neighbor’s pets, which turned into a book store, which turned into a J. Crew, then ultimately turned into food. Once college started and I realized I didn’t care to sort books, or “fashion fold” 150 dollar cardigans, I got a restaurant job. I’ve worked in “food services” for about 3 years now. Host. Server. Baker. OK, baker’s assistant. Yeesh. Even though there are plenty of other people who have committed more time and energy to this line of work, I have been witness to/involved firsthand in The Bad Customer. TBC (for short) is inevitable. Once you’ve encountered your first TBC, or perhaps, table of TBC’s, it’s like being awarded a Purple Heart. We all feel the pain of being yelled at over spaghetti, or forgetting to type in “no olives” for TBC’s salad order. The reason I mention this is because I have devised a crude list entitled:

(a commentary on restaurant dining)

1. Patience. This applies to before and after you’ve been sat. Please, when entering into a crowded restaurant on a Friday night at 8pm, expect a wait. DO NOT grimace at the host when he/she tells you that an approximate wait for your party of five might be close to an hour. Enjoy this time to get liquored up at the bar, check out the menu, and possibly share an appetizer. NOTE: Constant five minute inquiries to “check on how we’re doing” are not welcomed.

2. Remember what you ordered. It can be very frustrating for the server, or food runner, when a customer claims the food that arrived was not what they ordered. If the order is incorrect, the world will not end. Remain calm. Tell your server you believe there was a mistake, and if it’s true they will (should) gladly correct the order. A good customer can become TBC dangerously fast if it was simple forgetfulness on their behalf.

3. Follow restaurant policy. When you and your twelve friends decide to eat out, it is not unusual for 18% gratuity to automatically be added to your bill. Often the menu will indicate this, but if not, expect it. As is the case for splitting checks. When you’re seated, before you order, ask your server if they allow separate checks. Every place is different. A couple friends of mine, one a server, the other a manager, were ruthlessly harassed by a table of fifteen women when, after eating, discovered that the restaurant wouldn’t split their bill. cHaOs!

More rules to come, but I’m getting a little heated. Cheers to a snowy Tuesday afternoon and the cancellation of school!

an epiphany

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um moon, your last post about “eat this, watch this, drink this”, doesn’t really reach out to our male audience so i thought i would help you out…

eat this:

while watching this:

and drinking this:

maybe a movie?

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i’m walking to kroger for no particular reason.