january is planning

Moon finds the way.

to her i must be honest.

she has black hair that she claims is brown. well, it might be brown. but her smiles makes me forget most things. her breath today is a bit stinky, remember Moon, i told them i would be honest. with a stomach that makes noises that mimics machinery. her best line today was, “today, print media died”, and I can’t wait to read the food blurbs Moon puts into this odyssey. she corrects me as we speak. Moon is my friend as she is yours. treat her well, and well you will be. remember. be honest. the photo is her on one of our adventures to the beach. some of you were there. and others were in spirit. Moon is a knight of thunder. a brute force of love. she is my half-gallon of ice-cream. and rain that rhythms my window sill. she is little. she is big. she is Moon.
there are so many rules to this arrangement already.
honesty, eh? well, he’s a stud for sure. fast like a jack russell, and equally as spazzy, but sturdy like a… tower of beef jerky? Toast will make you laugh. though, he’s my favorite comedian, so i might be biased. he continually makes my stomach jump whenever he cracks a smile. living by and through his personal missions creates excitement in every day, some of which will be documented here. Toast is passion. he carries it in his little toe. which is bent in such a way that it appears to hold the weight of the entire body. he won’t allow me to capitalize anything but our “names”. an example of him.

~ by toastandmoon on January 28, 2010.

One Response to “january is planning”

  1. i. love. you. guys. this is pretty amazing, and it kind of makes me want to cry, but definitely in a good way. i miss you soooooo much (yes, even stephen, who i have technically never met, but then again i’ve heard enough to have a pretty good idea). you guys are seriously inspiring. i can’t wait till the next time i see you. 🙂

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