blog obsessed

yes, that’s me. blog obsessed. although i’ve been following the same five blogs over the past 3 years i’ve lately added another four to my daily “blog check” routine, which inevitably link me to other fine blogs, etc. and are now causing blog envy. what makes a successful blog? since fashion and styling have been on my mind the most these are some of the blogs i’ve been checking: the satorialist, the cut, vagabond nyc, and more. i have to add, but hopefully won’t sound like a creeper, that i’ve been reading tavi’s blog religously. and from the very beginning, even if she didn’t know what was going to happen, she committed herself to writing. after i knew what she was about i started over with her very first post, and was surprised to see the transformation that had clearly occurred since she began. because she’s so young, and seemingly fearless, i’m attracted to her “balls out” style of writing, sharing, and critique. SO! in an effort to go full force into this thing i’ve tried to delete little of what i’ve written. hopefully i’ll learn to edit in my head before putting it in print. or not. whatevs.

head first commitment

my cat archie. who kindly wakes me up by shrieking in my ear. blog mascot for daily commitment.

with love,



~ by toastandmoon on January 29, 2010.

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