“den i realize dey had, like, teef on dey lips”

tasty treats!


Kasia Struss, Christian Dior, Spring 2010 Couture, style.com

i CANNOT stop looking through this collection. i’ll start sketching some soon.

and then:::

sugar-crusted popovers via David Lebovitz

which i made, devoured (with my accomplices), all in an hour. HIGHLY recommend!

can we talk about the iPad for a minute? this video almost moved me to tears. in a strange way. i know, i’m pathetic, but i had this moment, sitting next to Toast, looking at the future in front of us. maybe a little heavy, but i couldn’t help think of holding a book, newspaper, playing a board game, ENGAGING in relationships with our friends beyond status updates, etc. i’m not saying i (hello, BLOG) will turn my back on our ever-changing world of technology, but i hope somethings remain sacred despite being an “inconvenience”. small rant. sorry.


~ by toastandmoon on February 5, 2010.

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