ok you 40 year old lady, yes, i can see you…

i see my mountain flower has taken over the digital print. here’s my turn:

went to my very first art auction today. it was quite fun. there were people there to see art. there were people to see people. but the ones who bugged me the most. were the ones who were there to be seen there.

Moon is so silly. giving advice to area’s in which speed has no quality. time creates each sentence. time indeed. i am overwhelmed by my lack of concentration. i want to do nothing. and everything.

there is an individual i know, whom i hope to be good friends with one day, who told me of the worlds greatest wish. and oh how i have pondered this wish.

if i had 1 wish, i would wish that every-time i reached into my pocket, i would pull out the most delicious cookie i have ever tasted and it would be wrapped in a 100 dollar bill.

and there you have it.

a wish i can not top.


~ by toastandmoon on February 7, 2010.

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