live hardcore

no recent updates because there was nothing much to report…

my sister got engaged after 2 months of top secret planning (and 11 years of dating) executed by her boyfriend. well, done!
a very exciting weekend highlighted by the engagement party, SNOW DAY (see below), wedding dress shopping, my own dress purchasing, family visiting, the olympics, and LOTS of eating. whew.

aren’t Toast’s photographs beautiful? even nasty hockey fight fingers. my babe is talented : )

we’ve totally been dropping the ball during “red meat free month”. next month we’ll deliver!

um um uuuummm… our pastor gave an in-cred-ib-le sermon on sunday. YAY!

and tomorrow, Toast’s parents are coming up to share food with us! how many exclamation points can i fit in this post?!!! SO MAAAANY!!!!

just. goodness.


~ by toastandmoon on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “live hardcore”

  1. i’m so excited for danielle! and i love these little glimpses into your life. 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!

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