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holy canoli… so bad at updating.
i guess i’m back to my old blogging ways, thinking nothing is really worth mentioning in my life, except:

big ol’ box of chocolate
fun photo shoot
lent and what comes with it

new treats!

eat these::

while watching these guys::

and drinking this::

ok, maybe not at the same time, but consider them anyway.
i’m off to draw a cave now!


live hardcore

•February 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

no recent updates because there was nothing much to report…

my sister got engaged after 2 months of top secret planning (and 11 years of dating) executed by her boyfriend. well, done!
a very exciting weekend highlighted by the engagement party, SNOW DAY (see below), wedding dress shopping, my own dress purchasing, family visiting, the olympics, and LOTS of eating. whew.

aren’t Toast’s photographs beautiful? even nasty hockey fight fingers. my babe is talented : )

we’ve totally been dropping the ball during “red meat free month”. next month we’ll deliver!

um um uuuummm… our pastor gave an in-cred-ib-le sermon on sunday. YAY!

and tomorrow, Toast’s parents are coming up to share food with us! how many exclamation points can i fit in this post?!!! SO MAAAANY!!!!

just. goodness.

hold on lucy, we all have battles

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my valentines day was spent playing hockey with the boys.
i have the best girl-friend ever.
we are saving our money for seattle.
i love her very much.
even when she is angry at me.

oh and by the way, mr. avram. you owe me a band-aid…

miss you moon

maybe instead of running, i’ll just shoot you

•February 13, 2010 • 1 Comment

there is snow outside.
i live in atlanta.
there is snow outside.

ok you 40 year old lady, yes, i can see you…

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i see my mountain flower has taken over the digital print. here’s my turn:

went to my very first art auction today. it was quite fun. there were people there to see art. there were people to see people. but the ones who bugged me the most. were the ones who were there to be seen there.

Moon is so silly. giving advice to area’s in which speed has no quality. time creates each sentence. time indeed. i am overwhelmed by my lack of concentration. i want to do nothing. and everything.

there is an individual i know, whom i hope to be good friends with one day, who told me of the worlds greatest wish. and oh how i have pondered this wish.

if i had 1 wish, i would wish that every-time i reached into my pocket, i would pull out the most delicious cookie i have ever tasted and it would be wrapped in a 100 dollar bill.

and there you have it.

a wish i can not top.

“den i realize dey had, like, teef on dey lips”

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tasty treats!


Kasia Struss, Christian Dior, Spring 2010 Couture,

i CANNOT stop looking through this collection. i’ll start sketching some soon.

and then:::

sugar-crusted popovers via David Lebovitz

which i made, devoured (with my accomplices), all in an hour. HIGHLY recommend!

can we talk about the iPad for a minute? this video almost moved me to tears. in a strange way. i know, i’m pathetic, but i had this moment, sitting next to Toast, looking at the future in front of us. maybe a little heavy, but i couldn’t help think of holding a book, newspaper, playing a board game, ENGAGING in relationships with our friends beyond status updates, etc. i’m not saying i (hello, BLOG) will turn my back on our ever-changing world of technology, but i hope somethings remain sacred despite being an “inconvenience”. small rant. sorry.

NOT trying to sound like a lesbian when i said i saw your girlfriend stretch

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reason numero uno why i shouldn’t own a white macbook:

also why i don’t invest in nice clothing… yet! muahaha.
(said the jobless art student 3 months from graduating. guh!)

after the project i’ll probably look more like this: